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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. -- A former Catholic Priest is now podcasting a message of guilt-free, positive atheism in a serialized audio book.

"No Gods, No Guilt" is a free weekly Internet audio program featuring the readings of Dr. Stephen Uhl, a retired psychologist and atheist who was once a devout Catholic priest.

"During the eleven years when I was a young Catholic priest, I was a sincere believer," Uhl said.  "So, as a naive young priest, I effectively taught the same harmful lessons of superstition, guilt and prejudice that were handed down to me through other priests and family traditions."

Now Uhl is working to mop up some of the superstitious mess he contributed to, by helping listeners trade in guilt for joy through a God-free lifestyle that profitably practices the "Golden Rule."  

Weekly, Dr. Stephen Uhl reads a new installment of his memoir, which follows his personal transformation from devout priest to atheist psychologist. The podcast is an audio version of Uhl's book, "Out of God's Closet: This Priest Pyschologist Chooses Friendly Atheism."

The book and podcast project started out as an intimate letter to Uhl's 31 nieces and nephews right after he learned he had prostate cancer.

"My love would not let me die before trying to help my large family avoid many of the more serious errors of my earlier ways," he said. "So I began to write to that large family to share some of the important lessons I had learned over seven decades."

The cancer turned out to be a non-aggressive localized cancer, so Uhl decided he had time to expand the letter and address the little book to a much wider audience.

This work was almost titled "The Book of Tolerance." While writing it, Uhl realized that, even with his extensive education, he had gotten into his 30's before unlearning some traditional lessons of childhood.

"It's much easier to become tolerant of different belief systems when we realize how and why different individuals develop, learn and unlearn at different rates," Uhl said. "It's not easy to let new knowledge replace the ingrained, old prejudices of childhood faith and superstition."

To listen to the podcast for free at any time, visit: http://nogods.libsyn.com.

To purchase Uhl's book, go to order page.



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